Mental Game Camp

Teaching athletes tangible tools so they develop a winning mindset & compete consistently

Live ZOOM Training June 11, 12, 13 2024

1 - 2pm CST

Does Your Athlete Experience Any Of These?

-Practice doesn't transfer to competition

-Experiencing mental meltdowns

-Constantly worrying about making mistakes & hesitating

-Shutting down when they do mess up or giving up easily

-Overtrying so they end up tense & unsuccessful

-Super hard on themselves

-Fear disappointing you or their coaches

-Struggles resetting but wants to know how to relax

-Internalizes comments or bad performances

-Focuses on worst case scenarios or what could go wrong

-Needs to trust their training instead of their insecurities

-Is talented, but wants an edge to stand out

We believe mental game training is the ONLY way to become the type of athlete who perseveres, controls emotions, & competes to their potential.

Mental Game Camp will help athletes quickly (& with ease) learn how to have composure, so they enjoy their sport more, take more risks, be assertive, perform looser, improve focus, make decisions quicker, & respond better to adversity... without the overwhelming frustration.

Overcome overthinking even if you think:

  • This won't work on me

  • I'll just go to more private lessons

  • I'm not great at positive thinking stuff

Meet Your Coach:

Ashley Eckermann, MS MPM

Sport Psychology Practitioner & Certified Mental Performance Coach

I promise to teach you the best brain hacks to master your mental game!

The Truth is...

Once you learn how to train your mind & stop assuming physical practice is enough... you'll transform as a competitor!

We coach athletes how to be mentally prepared by using scientifically proven tools!

Every concept can be applied at any level of competition. You have the ability to squash limiting beliefs… once you learn how!

Athletes spend so much time training physically & learning technique, but are rarely taught what to do when they mess up.

Instead they hear coaches say things like:

- “don’t think about it"

- "just relax"

- "get out of your head"

- "take a deep breath” UGH – those don't work!

We teach athletes proper coping skills to build mental toughness so that they can handle whatever stressful situation they end up in.

this is what you can expect to

accomplish at CAMP:

  • Reframe negative thoughts (not just think positive thoughts, that's fake)

  • How to ease tension, tightness, & stiff body

  • Hacks for getting over mistakes

  • Rewire your brain to lower fears of getting hurt

  • Tools to manage anxiety & nerves

  • Strategies to reset (so you don't get embarrassed)

  • Understand how the brain makes you 2nd guess (so you can manipulate that sucker to work for you)

Ready to compete without the meltdowns?

“Super helpful. I had the best year of training while I was working with Ashley, she really wants me to better my mind and physical abilities and does everything in her power to help me."

H. L. - Swimmer

“My daughter's coach said you were a miracle worker."

J. A. - Gymnast mom

“My son was mad I signed him up, like it was a punishment. Then after he did one day, he changed his tune completely and told me this was badass. I didn't even ask him if he was practicing what you taught, he was reading notes he put in his phone on the way to the cages."

K. M. - Baseball dad

SOUNDS intriguing, RIGHT?

what you get at

Mental Game Camp

  • 3 days of an 1 hour a day jam packed training

  • Recordings to review for 30 days or download forever

  • Workbook with all the tools, templates, & transcripts

  • Learn the same scientific strategies we teach 1:1 clients

  • Personalized attention with Q&A if you attend live

If your athlete experiences:

-performance anxiety

-second guessing

-overly compares

-can't let mistakes go

-freezes in tough moments

-forces it but comes up short

They will transform with mental game camp!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format?

Live virtual Zoom training - watch from your home. We know that being on camera can be intimidating, so you don't have to be on camera & you don't have to participate. You can click the link & listen. Although it’s online, the workshop has action steps that are very hands on. I teach with high energy to keep you interested & go over proven tools to implement, not just theories.

What will I learn that I can't just YouTube?

You could absolutely google free content & confuse the heck out of yourself by trying to piecemeal 100 peoples’ advice. It’ll result in 87 tabs open on your computer, & a plan that you're crossing your fingers hoping it helps. This training is more than traditional advice, I will teach the newest research in creating new habits, how to be more assertive, motivation to keep it up, & how to avoid giving up easily. Sidenote, I was a head coach & a teacher for over a decade before I went into private practice, so something I take great pride in is connecting with people. I believe in giving examples, solid communication & relating with stories. Just because you know the material doesn't mean you can help others understand it. I believe I've been an effective coach because of how I communicate.

What is your experience?

Ashley has been coaching athletes since 2003. She's been practicing sport psychology since 2010. She has her masters in sport psychology & is also a certified mental performance coach. She's an experienced practitioner working with youth through professionals. She also competed at a high level, dealt with injuries, & conducted presentations across the country for various organizations. Ashley was a head coach & a teacher for over a decade before she went into private practice full time, so something she takes great pride in is connecting with people. She believes in giving examples & bringing energy to the party. Her philosophy: just because you know the material doesn't mean you can help others understand it; she believes she has built a successful practice at Maximize the Mind because of how she delivers material & builds rapport with athletes.

What if I can't make it live or have to miss a day?

No worries. We’ll record the training & send you an email as soon as it's uploaded. It typically gets uploaded within an hour of the live training. So you'll most likely be able to watch it the same evening, just depends on formatting, but it will definitely be ready the following day. You'll have access to watch & review for 30 days, but you can download it on your device & have forever if you want. This is better than an individual session, since you can review over & over!

Is this personalized & do we get access to ask you questions?

Honestly, I believe this is the best way to learn sport psychology tools & mental performance hacks. Mental skills training is the most effective way to improve as an athlete & reach your goals. I often don't have time in 1:1 sessions to go over all these proactive strategies, because so many come to me in crisis. In this camp, you can learn the "no fluff" strategies you'll need to set yourself up for the best year. Nothing is specific to sport or age. We've had so many different ages & sports take our camps. We teach the best methods to apply so that your practice transfers to competition. How well you perform is directly related to how you mentally prepare. Most people have never taken the time to learn the research & just don't have the knowledge of what to do to not let emotions take over. We believe in teaching proven scientific concepts & found that so many of our athletes need the same tools because they work! I will answer questions in the Q&A box on Zoom that pertain to understanding a tool when I'm done teaching everything.

What if my athlete doesn't think he/she needs this (resistant to the training)?

Athletes need to know nothing is wrong with them for working with a mental performance coach or taking a workshop on mental preparation. We get athletes "don't want help" sometimes, but we always hear athletes want to be more mentally tough & here is how you get there! We encourage parents to share this with their athlete before a training ⬇️

We help athletes improve performance, make it more fun to compete, stress less & have the advantage over competition by learning to be more assertive. When you learn how to stop overthinking, learn how to reset, understand how to overcome obstacles, have more energy for your performance rather than worry, gain tools to focus, & discover how to manage emotions with this mental skills series, you become the unstoppable version you deserve to be. Think of me like a brain coach helping athletes develop mental toughness. It's like seeing a physical therapist, nutritionist, hitting coach, or SAT prep coach - I'm an expert on the mental part of competing & my job is to help you be less frustrated. Ask your student or athlete if they'd like gain an edge, perform more consistently & worry less? Ask them if they'd like to feel more relaxed & recover faster? We teach research based scientific tools they can apply to perform better; this isn't woo woo mediation hour. Usually this helps ease the idea of taking a workshop/course/talking with someone.

Why do you put on a camp?

Putting on camps in the summer was my idea to teach different valuable tools that I know competitors need to have an edge. My schedule was full with 1:1 sessions, so this was a way to continue to help athletes by offering other ways to work with me. Athletes spend so much time training physically & learning technique, but are rarely taught how to respond to difficult situations, set goals, learn self control or how to handle nerves. Your sport should be fun & you shouldn't feel tense all the time or want to quit because of your stress. The average competitor quits when it gets tough because they never learned “how to be better, how to cope, how to advocate for themselves, how to be more assertive, or how to recover when it doesn't go their way.” The difference between the average individual & the one who becomes a starter or moves to the next level is grit, motivation, energy, & courage – all of which are gained in mental game training. Can you afford not to spend time on the mental side?

Who is this for? (parents, coaches, athletes, & former clients explained)

Camp tools & examples will be geared towards student athletes who are dealing with the pressures of competing & have a demanding schedule balancing school, practice, conditioning, & attempting to get to the next level. I believe the material is easy to follow for ages 11 & up. However, I use these same strategies for setting my performance goals for my business, the triathlons I compete in, & getting daily tasks complete, so it's certainly not just beneficial for athletes. I wish I had this research back when I was in school, so I think anyone can find techniques that they can use to help them have a productive year. If you're a coach wanting to help your athletes "reset" & not "internalize it all" so they compete stronger, or create a team culture to be all in as a team, then you could benefit a ton too. If you're a parent who wants to know how to help their kid "relax" & "not get so upset" when they don't meet their expectations, then you can watch along with them to help them remember what to do! If you're a teacher looking for fun strategies to use in your classroom, you could apply it as well. We have had teachers, managers, coaches, parents, athletes, performers (band, theater, choir) all attend in the past. There isn't participation required & cameras don't have to be on for participants, this is presentation style so all ages can consume!

Camp could be a great review for you if you already work or used to work with one of our coaches 1:1. Depending on how many sessions you've had, how long it's been since you've been in, or what you had going on at the time - you'll probably learn something new. I always stay up to date on current research & add in new material. It may also be a good way to hold yourself accountable to mentally prep for an upcoming new season. We often say we'll look over our notes on our own, but do we? If scheduling a 1:1 is hard for you, this is an awesome way to learn, & honestly even if you hear info you've already heard, you're more likely to recall & apply it with repetition. Camp could also be good for a sibling that's never had a chance to work 1:1 with us & multiple people can watch it together.

Will this be enough to solve my poor habits?

Camp is designed to educate quickly & give you tangible tips that you would actually apply in real life. This isn't a deep dive into what's been holding you back in the past, but if you signed up for camp, worked with my team 1:1 or took our other programs, you'd definitely get that. I'll give easy to digest concepts & strategies to apply immediately. This is a great opportunity to build a foundation, but I can only cover so much in camp. There are plenty of sport specific things we teach & personal questions we ask in 1:1 sessions that allow us to help athletes with coaching conflicts, parent pressure, team dynamics, recruiting stress, etc. that we won't be going into. Is it enough for you - really depends on what you have going on. A lot of people will learn enough to see a difference in their performance, then some may want to start 1:1 work afterwards to get feedback that applies to them. We always get feedback after our workshops saying how much they learned in a short amount of time.

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Total Value = $600

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parent of a gymnast

“Your program is the first time my daughter hasn't complained about something I suggested. She is a better competitor now and I'll never forget the response I got when I asked what she learned, 'mind-blowing, she’s a queen, she’s so passionate!' That speaks volumes. TY!”

parent of a soccer player

“My son stopped saying 'I suck' all the time, so I'd say it was worth the investment”


Not sure if this Camp is for you?

Camp Guarantee

Attend Mental Game Camp & if it doesn’t exceed your expectations & help you learn tools to develop mental game, just email us within 14 days after camp at [email protected] & we’ll happily issue you a refund.